The Death Row Phenomenon

No. 12 of #50cases. When a person is convicted of murder in the United States, they can sometimes find themselves on death row. Can the UK extradite a murder suspect if … Continued


The Free Press

No. 8 of #50cases. The year is 1961. A woman in the UK gives birth to her child. But something is wrong. The newborn child has deformed limbs. The cause was Thalidomide – … Continued


What Access To Justice Means

No. 18 of #50cases. Human rights are sometimes attacked for being applicable to criminals and prisoners. But prisoners are humans too. They lose many of their rights, particularly to freedom, by … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?


Strong family ties can prevent deportation

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Mr Omojudi had lived in the UK for over twenty years. He had committed offences while in the UK. He had 3 children and 1 grandchild, all in the UK. The government wanted to deport him. He won his case to stay.

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