The Little Red Schoolbook

No. 29 of #50cases. Sex, education and drugs – all part of growing up? Søren Hansen and Jesper Jensen certainly thought so when they wrote ‘The Little Red Schoolbook’, to advise children on … Continued


Paradise Lost

Once upon a time, the Chagossians were a small community living a simple life in three beautiful coral islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In the 1960s, this … Continued


You Don’t Have To Hide

No. 23 of #50cases. All over the world, and throughout history, people have had to hide their sexuality to avoid persecution. Human rights are about allowing people to live in dignity. Being … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?

Victims of Crime

Families of soldiers killed in combat can sue the government

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Families of soldiers killed in combat in Iraq are suing the government because they believe their sons were not given adequate training or equipment. They have been allowed to pursue their claim.

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