Beating Children Is Never Right

No. 35 of #50cases It’s fine to give naughty children a smack, right? Andy (not his real name) was brought up by his mother and stepfather. Aged nine, he told his … Continued


Paradise Lost

Once upon a time, the Chagossians were a small community living a simple life in three beautiful coral islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In the 1960s, this … Continued


The Kettle

No. 31 of #50cases. No democracy is complete without the right of citizens to protest in public. But what happens when the right to protest clashes with the police’s duty to protect people … Continued


Different Families, Same Love

No. 7 of #50cases. Is it okay for the law to discriminate against gay people?  Before October 2000, it was much easier for it to do so.  We had laws that deliberately … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?


Children abducted by a parent should generally be returned immediately

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Children were abducted by their mother, without their father's knowledge, from Norway and brought to the UK. The children would be returned to Norway as, overall, it was in their best interests.

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