Screaming To An Empty Room

No. 27 of #50cases. Imagine being accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Imagine if the accusation led to you spending the rest of your life behind bars. Worse, imagine if there was … Continued


The Five Techniques

No. 25 of #50cases. They were dark years for the United Kingdom, a period known as ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Between 1971 and 1975, over 3,000 people were arrested, interned and … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?

Religion & Belief

A person can conscientiously object to military service

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A Jehovah's witness was convicted for refusing to serve in the Amenian army. He successfully argued his right to conscientious objection based on his deeply held religious beliefs. He was awarded 20,000 euros in compensation.

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