Children’s Voices Matter

You’re four years old. You’ve been illegally abducted from Romania by your Mum to go and live with her in England against your Dad’s will. Normally, international law requires the … Continued


The Gap

No. 26 of #50cases. This is a story about imprisonment. Not of a criminal, but of a man with autism and severe learning difficulties. Let’s call him HL. HL was incapable of … Continued


Who Cares?

No. 33 of #50cases An increasing number of private companies are doing important jobs that the used to be the role of government. Do human rights laws apply to them? This … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?

Speech & Protest

People have a right to access information from public bodies

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The Freedom of Information Act obliges public authorities to publish certain information about their activities. It also permits people to request information from public authorities. However, a public authority may legally refuse to release information for a variety of reasons.

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