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How Brexit Could Affect Our Fundamental Human Rights

Do astronauts have human rights?

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The Ballerina’s Dignity

This week all of our human rights stories are about disability rights Human rights are about basic dignity. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the courts are willing to get involved every … Continued


The Police Were Listening

No. 16 of #50cases. When should police be able to listen to our private phone calls? Is being suspected of a crime a good enough reason? What if you’ve already been … Continued


Children’s Voices Matter

You’re four years old. You’ve been illegally abducted from Romania by your Mum to go and live with her in England against your Dad’s will. Normally, international law requires the … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?

Seeking Refuge

Children aren’t returned to danger

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Removal from the UK would have a negative impact on a 13-year-old's private life, as he would have been forced into a home with unsafe conditions back in Vietnam. Human rights legislation prevented this from occurring.

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