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We are Family, Give Me Back My Son

No. 49 of #50cases. Steven is 21 years old and lives at home with his dad, Mark.  Steven is autistic with severe learning disabilities and has needed support since childhood. Mark … Continued


Prove It

This is a case from 2011. H was found guilty of manslaughter and ordered to be detained in a hospital. H’s treatment in hospital with anti-psychotic medication for his schizophrenia … Continued


Children’s Voices Matter

You’re four years old. You’ve been illegally abducted from Romania by your Mum to go and live with her in England against your Dad’s will. Normally, international law requires the … Continued


A Gilded Cage Is Still A Cage

No. 28 of #50cases. Is a disabled person entitled to the same human rights protection as a non-disabled person? You may think that is a simple question with an obvious answer. Not so. … Continued

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