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Throwing Away The Key

No. 46 of #50cases. How long is a lifetime? 50, 60, 70 years? However long, it’s a long time time to lock someone up and throw away the key. This is what … Continued


Hey, Why No Wives?

This case dates back to 1985, before the Human Rights Act 1998 was in force in the UK.  Mrs Abdulaziz, Mrs Cabales and Mrs Balkandali believed they were being denied … Continued



No. 22 of #50cases. Secrecy and torture have played leading roles in the war on terror.  They were also centre stage in the drama that surrounded the government’s attempts to deport the … Continued

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Journalists must be able to interview prisoners

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A blanket ban on journalists publishing interviews with prisoners was a violation of fundamental rights. Journalists must be able to expose miscarriages of justice.

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