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Protect The Source

No. 2 of #50cases. Mr Goodwin was a journalist. On 2 November 1989 he received a call from a source with information relating to a company called Tetra. Tetra was in … Continued


Don’t Strip Me Of My Rights

Getting arrested is an unpleasant experience for anyone. Some people, though, are especially vulnerable, and as such must be carefully treated even when taken into custody. Let’s take one example. Patricia, … Continued


Screaming To An Empty Room

No. 27 of #50cases. Imagine being accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Imagine if the accusation led to you spending the rest of your life behind bars. Worse, imagine if there was … Continued


Stop, Search, Repeat

No. 13 of #50cases. Stop and search can be an essential part of police work. But who can they stop, and can they stop anyone they like? Kevin Gillan was headed to the Docklands … Continued

What Have Human rights done for us?


The police must protect vulnerable people from unnecessary detention

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A man was detained by the police for four days when he urgently needed psychiatric care. He got damages as this was an affront to human dignity and amounted to degrading treatment.

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