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A Week Of Anniversaries – Catch Up With This Week’s News And Quotes

It has been an amazing week of anniversaries to celebrate and commemorate. We have remembered the Nuremberg Trials with a brilliant short video (below), an important case in which a ban on gay people serving in the military violated human rights and the establishment of the UK Supreme Court.

Human rights in the news

  • In Scotland, human rights concern has been expressed over the rise in the number of compulsory mental ill-health orders. The Mental Welfare Commission said detention and treatment orders were issued 5,008 times last year – a record high.  [BBC]
  • European Court of Human Rights dismisses Omagh bombing appeal.  The Strasbourg court rules that civil trial of two men found liable for single worst atrocity of Northern Ireland’s Troubles was not unfair. [Guardian]
  • NGOs including Liberty challenge UK and US mass surveillance in European Court of Human Rights [ComputerWeekly.com]
  • The High Court has rejected claims that cut-off scheme for British Gurkha pensions was discriminatory [UK Human Rights Blog]
  • Britain has told Ireland that its proposed Bill of Rights – to replace the Human Rights Act – will be consistent with the Good Friday Agreement [the irishworld.com]

The week on RightsInfo

  • Human Rights: What Could Be More British Than That? [RightsInfo]
  • Pippa Middleton photos: How the Human Rights Act protects privacy in practice [RightsInfo]
  • UK criticised by report into treatment of Lee Rigby Killer [RightsInfo]
  • The fascinating story of Jeanette Smith and Graeme Grady [RightsInfo]
  • What are the Nuremberg Trials and why do they still matter today? [RightsInfo]
  • What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? [RightsInfo]

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A Week Of Anniversaries – Catch Up With This Week’s News And Quotes
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