Beautiful Animation Explains the Human Rights at the Heart of Healthcare

This Beautiful Animation Explains How Human Rights Are Always At The Heart Of Healthcare

We’ve released our latest animation today, taking a look at human rights and healthcare. It’s very cute and very, very beautiful. Because how else would you want to take a dive into how human rights are at the centre of our healthcare system?

It’s got animals, hospitals, and human rights. What more do you need?! To explain it all, we’re introduced to junior doctor Sarah Simons…

Here she is wearing roller-skates and giving us a wave, like a true champ…

Sarah explains that she deals with a wide variety of people, and sees patients from lots of different backgrounds and ages.

From a baby who’s only a few days old, to THE MOST RELATABLE older aged gorilla…

We’ve all been there…

Sarah skates along and tells us that, naturally, one of the core human rights in our healthcare system is the right to life.

Despite our different needs and wants, we all have the right to life, and you can find more about it here.

(That dog’s just catching up on the latest RightsInfo stories. Just fyi, you should too…)

Sarah says that having human rights embedded into the system allows staff to know they’re doing right, and allows patients to know they’re being cared for properly.

Yes, that is a llama on reception. We want a llama on reception too. Why can’t this be a thing?

Next up, it’s the right to privacy. This is a vital part of the system, and one that is clearly put in place at the start of the healthcare process.

That rabbit who has just walked in with a cough is asked who their next of kin is.

They’re asked also what their religious and personal beliefs and needs are, taking in the freedom of thought, belief and religion along the way.

Now, more patients for Sarah to tend to…

WHAT?! That famous big cow called Knickers is unwell in hospital?!

No, don’t worry, it’s just an animation. That cow went the other type of viral…

Next, onto freedom of expression

OH *breaths* MY *breathes* GOODNESS. Beryl the Bee!!

I want to be friends with Beryl forever, visit her in hospital, and share stories about being a bee nurse over a cup of tea with her. Adorable.

… Ok I’ve recovered from the cuteness overload. Just.

Beryl’s got a ‘this is me’ board so anyone visiting or looking after her can clearly see her needs, requirements and interests.

This board allows patients to express themselves and means everyone can be certain that a person’s thoughts and concerns are considered the whole way through their experience with the system.

To finish the animation, a quote about what should be at the heart of healthcare. Human rights should always at the centre of it, and we’re hoping we can spread Sarah’s good word far and wide.

Thanks, Sarah.

If you haven’t watched the full animation yet, you can do that here.

Massive thanks to everyone involved in the creation of our animation, and to everyone who helped raise money or awareness of our health campaign.

If you want to find out more about your human rights with our easy to understand infographics, you can head here. It’ll be great fun.

Help us increase understanding and support for human rights in the UK.

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This Beautiful Animation Explains How Human Rights Are Always At The Heart Of Healthcare
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