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Brexit, Salmon Fishing And A Newly Elected Judge: This Week’s Human Rights News And Quotes

News that the UK voted to leave the European Union shocks the world. It’s likely to be a tumultuous period for the UK, and certain rights we currently take for granted will be up for grabs. RightsInfo will be here for the constitutional battles to come. Here’s how the week unfolded…

Human rights in the news

  • The United Kingdom has voted for Britain to leave the European Union, with a majority of just under 52% [BBC News]
  • What Brexit will mean for human rights [RightsInfo]
  • RightsInfo founder Adam Wagner’s email to the RightsInfo community [RightsInfo]
  • Barrister Tim Eicke QC has been elected as the new British judge on the European Court of Human Rights [Guardian] [RightsInfo]
  • Thousands of people all over the world pay tribute to the MP and Human Rights campaigner, Jo Cox [BBC News]
  • Environmental and human rights campaigner, Margaret Atwood, wins 2016 PEN Pinter prize [Guardian]
  • The family of Private Sean Benton, who was found with 5 bullet wounds at Deepcut Barracks in 1995, may be granted a fresh inquest into his death [Guardian] (see RightsInfo’s post about Cheryl James’ inquest [here])
  • This weekend is Pride in London, with events raising awareness of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) equality []

This week on RightsInfo

  • BREXIT: What Does It Mean For Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • Why The Right To Vote Matters [RightsInfo]
  • Spot The Difference: The European Union Or European Convention On Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • Justice Committee: Huge Court Fee Increases Are Damaging Access To Justice [RightsInfo]
  • 15 Quotes About Equality Of Love To Brighten Your Day [RightsInfo]
  • What Is A Refugee And How Are They Protected [RightsInfo]
  • Human Rights Are A Fisherman’s Friend [RightsInfo]

This week on Twitter

Most popular human rights quotes of the week

20 June 2016 - Jo Cox

07-Tuesday - 21 June (Ghaidan v Godin-Mendoza anniversary)

09-Thursday - 23 June (EU Referendum)-Thomas Paine

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Brexit, Salmon Fishing And A Newly Elected Judge: This Week’s Human Rights News And Quotes
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