The Cat Videos Can Wait - Register To Vote Now

The Cat Videos Can Wait – Register To Vote Right Now

As the country gears up to elect its next Government, it has never been more important to remember to register to vote.

In the last election some 57 percent of 18 to 24 year olds didn’t put pencil to paper in the ballot booths, which means they effectively didn’t have a say on important decisions – including ones that affect their human rights.

All is not lost though – you still have until 22nd May, 2017 to register to vote, and you can apply for a postal vote until 23rd May, 2017 (but you must make sure you’re registered first). And if words alone are not enough to convince you, take a look at our video below – we promise it’s full of cats and dogs.

Want to know more about this kind of stuff? We’ve put together a load of resources on the General Election!

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Featured Image: Brendan DeBrincat / Flickr

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The Cat Videos Can Wait – Register To Vote Right Now
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