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U-Turn On Plans To Scrap The Human Rights Act? This Week’s Human Rights News

Big news this week that plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and bring in a new British Bill of Rights may be scrapped altogether.

Human rights in the news

  • The Government falters on ideas to scrap the Human Rights Act [Independent] [Times]
  • The Women and Equalities Parliamentary Committee has produced a report saying that Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in the UK [New Statesman] [BBC]
  • British police have been criticised for their role in training Bahrain’s police force, which has been accused of suppressing public protest [Guardian]
  • Court of Appeal orders release of court judgment on Ellie Butler’s death [UK Human Rights Blog]
  • Northern Irish human rights activist has launched a legal challenge against Brexit claiming that it would breach of the 1998 Good Friday peace deal [Reuters]

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U-Turn On Plans To Scrap The Human Rights Act? This Week’s Human Rights News
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