7 of the Best Human Rights Donald Trump Protest Signs

7 of the Best Human Rights Signs At The Donald Trump Protests

Tens of thousands of people poured into central London today, in a protest over US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

At least three different protests took place across the capital today, including a drag protest and #BringTheNoise organised by the Women’s March.

It was a bold celebration of the right to protest, one of our most fundamental human rights, something the American leader previously called “unfair” when he was first elected.

The march wasn’t just about our right to protest though, with demonstrators sporting a number of signs about some of our most crucial freedoms and protections. Here are just a few.

‘Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere’

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

Our human rights are exactly what they sound like – rights which belong to every one of us, simply by virtue of being a human. They’re also fundamentally about justice, and making sure we all have access to justice.

It’s a pretty universal concept – and we’re very on board.


Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

John Lennon’s 1988 hit Imagine is a human rights classic. Touching on themes such as borders, religion, and living together in peace. It was also used by human rights organisation Amnesty to create a book telling the story of peace in 2016.

Updating the lyrics for this protest, this banner talks about Donald Trump’s intention to build a wall on his borders, as well as his scepticism of climate change – something which is a huge human rights issue in itself.

‘No Human Is Illegal’

a women at the trump protest sign says no human illegal

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

Trump has frequently caused a stir when talking about immigration, whether it’s separating children at the border, imposing travel bans or talking about building walls.

However, human rights are for all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from.

‘Free The Children’

trump protest sign

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

Recently Donald Trump came under intense scrutiny for his ‘zero tolerance’ policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the US border, with thousands of families thought to have been affected.

It’s a huge human rights issue. We all entitled to a private and family life, and asylum seekers’ have specific protections too.

‘Our Rights Aren’t Up For Grabs’

trump protest sign

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

The President came under heavy criticism during his election campaign when a tape surfaced in which he talked about “grabbing women by the p***y”, as well as other derogatory remarks.

It sparked a huge feminist backlash – and this protestor says her rights aren’t up for grabs either.

‘Respect The Rule of Law’

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

The rule of law is one of the most fundamental principles to both democracy and our rights. Kicking around since the age of Aristotle, it essentially means a nation should be governed by laws, not the arbitrary decisions of government officials.

It means that laws apply to everyone (even those in charge), that laws can’t be secret and that it’s up to the courts to ensure that laws are applied fairly.

Trump has had a fair few run-ins with the rule of law so far, signing 19 executive orders in the first two weeks of his presidency. Some of them have also bounced back and forth between him and the courts, such as his controversial travel ban.

‘Trump Is A Mean Old Dinosaur’

Image Credit: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

Okay, so this one isn’t really about our rights, but it kind of rhymed with the last one, so we thought it would be a good place to end.

All Images: Jem Collins / RightsInfo

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7 of the Best Human Rights Signs At The Donald Trump Protests
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