Education, Education, Education...This Week’s Human Rights News And Quotes - RightsInfo

Education, Education, Education…This Week’s Human Rights News And Quotes

Here on RightsInfo this week, we are celebrating International Literacy Day, highlighting the importance of the right to education and recommending a few of our favourite human rights reads. Elsewhere in the news, repeal of the Human Rights Act has got another mention, the gender pay gap is back, and Black Lives Matter stage a controversial protest at London City Airport.

Human Rights In The News

  • Report suggests women are as likely to ask for a pay rise, but less likely to get one [RightsInfo]
  • Black Lives Matter UK stage protest at London City Airport [BBC]
  • Joint Human Rights Committee will consider UK’s record on children’s rights [Family Law Week]
  • Liz Truss confirms that the UK will repeal the Human Rights Act but not withdraw from the ECHR [Express]

International literacy day on RightsInfo

  • Some of the best human rights reads [RightsInfo]
  • Let’s celebrate the right to education! What does it mean in the UK? [RightsInfo]
  • What is plain English and why is it important for human rights? [RightsInfo]

Highlights from Twitter

Human Rights Quotes of the Week


Kofi Annan education

Lucy Stone on education

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Education, Education, Education…This Week’s Human Rights News And Quotes
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