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Headscarves, Data, And A Challenge To The Home Secretary…The Week In Human Rights

What we’ve been reading this week…

The European Court of Justice’s advocate general has given a (non-binding) opinion suggesting that banning headscarves in the workplace might be justifiable under certain circumstances… provided the ban is based on a general company rule prohibiting visible religious symbols in the workplace (Financial Times) (The Sun)

Bulk data gathering is not ‘inherently compatible’ with privacy laws (Huffington Post). Read more about the Joint Committee in Human Rights report on the Investigatory Powers Bill here.

The Home Secretary is challenged in Scotland on cutting benefits for asylum seekers (EHRC)

Military failings at Deepcut Barracks have been exposed by an inquest made possible by the Human Rights Act (RightsInfo)

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft adopt European Union hate speech rules (Russia Today)

Sales from the UK of arms to countries with “dubious human rights” has increased (The Independent)

Tragic flood boy’s parents should be given legal aid says coroner (The Daily Mail)

There’s a high risk of human rights violations in the run up to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (The Telegraph)

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Good News…

Couldn’t agree more…21 dogs with opinions on Brexit (Buzzfeed)

Malaysia is making a big effort to preserve local shark populations (Sunny Skyz)


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Headscarves, Data, And A Challenge To The Home Secretary…The Week In Human Rights
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