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Are Human Rights Really Universal? – Helena Kennedy QC On BBC Radio 4 This Monday

This Monday (18 April) at 8pm on BBC Radio 4, leading barrister and human rights expert Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will be discussing whether human rights really do belong to everyone in the twenty-first century.

Baroness Kennedy QC is a champion of civil liberties. As well as being a practising barrister, she sits in the House of Lords (a chamber of the UK Parliament, independent from the House of Commons to which Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected). She is supremely well-placed to educate the public about human rights, having written widely and lectured on many relevant issues, including women’s rights.


The Radio 4 programme on Monday is the first instalment of a two-part series. Helena Kennedy QC will talk to legal philosophers, historians, sceptics and advocates of human rights. She will explore whether human rights are just moral posturing, a post-war Western legal fiction, or something more crucial and concrete.

In previous discussions, Baroness Kennedy QC has addressed some fundamental questions: Is it possible to identify common human values? How was the Universal Declaration on Human Rights achieved? Why are women sometimes excluded from fundamental human rights?

We are sure the BBC Radio 4 programme will be of great interest to anyone who wants to understand more about human rights.


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Are Human Rights Really Universal? – Helena Kennedy QC On BBC Radio 4 This Monday
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