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The Election And Human Rights

We've picked out the key policies relating to human rights from the party manifestos, so you can make an informed decision on 8th June.

We will be updating this page as new manifestos are released

So, What's It All About?

Plaid Cymru call their manifesto an ‘Action Plan’. In it, they pledge to fight for the best possible Brexit deal for Wales’ industry and agriculture and vow to secure, “a fair and prosperous country for our young people and future generations based on fairness and equal opportunity.” Key pledges include creating local jobs and apprenticeships and providing every child with a high quality education.

Human Rights Laws & Access to Justice

The Human Rights Act was the legislation that brought the Human Rights Convention into UK law in 1998, however some parties have proposed  leaving the Convention and creating our own version. Plaid Cymru are concerned that, “our fundamental human rights are at risk, exposing the weakest, most vulnerable members of our communities.” They pledge to publish a human rights charter for Wales to defend Welsh people against “the backdrop of a Tory government intent on undermining the Human Rights Act.” The manifesto says Plaid Cymru would reverse cuts to legal aid and bring forward new laws to protect victims of crimes such as rape and domestic abuse so they can give evidence in court without being intimidated.

Employment and Workers' Rights

Human rights laws protect our rights at work, as well as at home. Plaid Cymru say they will fight to ensure that £4.3 billion in public sector contracts are spent in Wales and say they will introduce a real, independently verified, Living Wage. They also promise to implement various measures to improve employment in Wales, including an end to the “unfair business rates system” and putting in place a comprehensive plan to ensure the future of the steel industry.


Under the Human Rights Act, we all have the right to be free from discrimination. The Equality Act provides further protections for key groups. The party pledge to “support and encourage disabled people into employment without facing threats of sanctions.” More generally, they say they are a want to develop a society “based on fairness and equal opportunity.”

Foreign Policy

Plaid Cymru say they will develop a real international policy for Wales, “so that we can restore our position as a great trading nation.” On the world stage, they would oppose military action without United Nations and Parliamentary authority, scrap the Trident nuclear weapons system, and maintain the 0.7 percent of GDP commitment on international aid. They would also fight for the Dubs Amendment to be upheld, so enabling unaccompanied refugee children to come to live safely in the UK.

Health and Disability

We all have a right to healthcare. In Wales, health and social care are devolved to the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Government. In their manifesto, Plaid Cymru promise a range of measures including: a social care rescue plan to help people live independently and increase the role of community hospitals; training 1,000 extra doctors and 5,000 more nurses in the next decade; and saving 10,000 lives over 10 years by, for example, promoting individual lifestyle changes, ensuring earlier diagnosis of disease, and improving access to life-saving treatments.


Brexit is a key focus of the Action Plan. The party says it will ensure that Wales can continue to buy and sell to Europe without any costly barriers, secure the money promised to Wales by the Leave campaign, insist that all future trade deals are endorsed by the National Assembly for Wales, and guarantee the rights of all Europeans currently living and working in Wales.


Control over education is devolved to Welsh institutions, but the same human right to education applies. Plaid Cymru says it would provide free full-time nursery places for all three year olds, improve teacher training, and raise educational standards by pledging to pay teachers a more competitive salary. They say they would guarantee employment, education or training for any person under-25 looking for work, and would also create a new network of specialist National Colleges of Vocational Education, for 14+ and post-compulsory education.

Free Speech and Privacy

The party says it will “create a level-playing field” with every other UK nation and give Wales the power to decide its own media and broadcasting policy. They would  also ensure that S4C receives the funding it needs.

You can find out more about Plaid Cymru policies on their website.
Once you're totally clued up on everything human rights and the election, do make sure to vote!
Plaid Cymru Party Manifesto
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