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More Than One Headline – This Week’s Human Rights News

One headline dominated the news this week: Judges Uphold Parliament Sovereignty.  But there was other really important news for human rights this week.

Human rights in the news

The week at RightsInfo

  • 66 Years Of The European Convention On Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • 6 Important Ways The European Court Of Human Rights Protects Us [RightsInfo]
  • Government Loses Brexit Challenge [RightsInfo]
  • Video Explainer: The Uber Judgment And Workers’ Rights [RightsInfo]
  • UK Detention Centres ‘Not Safe’ For LGBT Asylum Seekers [RightsInfo]
  • The Uber Workers Rights Judgment In Plain English [RightsInfo]
  • The Top 70 Human Rights Tweeters….Northern Ireland Edition! [RightsInfo]

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More Than One Headline – This Week’s Human Rights News
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