RightsInfo Wins 2015 Plain English Communicator Award - RightsInfo

RightsInfo Wins 2015 Plain English Communicator Award

We are delighted to announce that RightsInfo’s work on making the European Convention on Human Rights accessible has won the Plain English Communicator Award 2015

The full list of awards, including the “Foot in Mouth” award to Donald Trump, is here.

Since 1979, the Plain English Campaign has been campaigning against gobbledygook, jargon and misleading public information. We are delighted (and relieved) to discover that we are in fact in line for one of the altogether more positive awards – the much coveted ‘Plain English Communicator’ Award. Past winners include Mariella Frostrup, Gary Neville and, in 2014, Boris Johnson.
Plain English say:

“Earlier this year RightsInfo provided an easy to read and understand version of The European Convention on Human Rights. It goes without saying that, in the current global climate, such a document could prove to be incredibly important. RightsInfo, founded by Adam Wagner, deserve great credit for their work.

Using clever and well-designed infographics, RightsInfo’s alternative document, which covers all 16 Human Rights articles, renders complex information comprehensible and readable. The rewritten and redesigned articles also offer timely emphasis on some horrifying facts, such as the level of torture in Europe. This is clearly a vital piece of work, which is why we wanted to recognise it with an award.”

RightsInfo focusses on making human rights laws accessible to the public. We have trained our volunteers and staff on plain-English communication and work very hard to make our work as clear and accessible as possible.

More about RightsInfo

RightsInfo (www.rightsinfo.org) launched on 21 April 2015, founded by barrister Adam Wagner. It’s aim is to provide clear, accessible and beautiful human rights resource and information.

Since launch our site has just under half a million views. We have created beautiful infographics that have been shared tens of thousands of times and an animation that received over 100,000 views in two weeks. RightsInfo has been featured in the press (Guardian, Independent, The Sun, Daily Mail, Express), received support from NGOs (Amnesty, 38 Degrees, Liberty) and endorsements from celebrities such as Derren Brown and Michael Sheen

RightsInfo has 19 fantastic volunteers that contribute content to the site, many of whom are students or junior lawyers. The project is part of Global Dialogue, a registered charity.

Help us increase understanding and support for human rights in the UK.

About the Author

Adam Wagner

Founder and Chair
Adam is the founder and Chair of RightsInfo. In his day job, he is a barrister specialising in human rights law and is well known for his human rights communications work on social and mainstream media. In 2010 he set up the hugely successful UK Human Rights Blog. To email Adam, drop him a line. View all posts by Adam Wagner.
RightsInfo Wins 2015 Plain English Communicator Award
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