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Salacious Headlines, Audacious Surveillance – In The News

Just a sample of the human rights stories hitting the news this week…

Newspapers and social media were awash with THAT story about the celebrity “threesome” injunction (The Telegraph), once again highlighting the tension between privacy and freedom of expression. Useful background here

Was John Whittingdale’s position as head of press regulation compromised by news of his previous relationship with a sex worker? (ITV News)? Is the BBC really pursuing an agenda over it? (The Telegraph) Should we even care? (The Guardian)

European Court of Justice considers the legality around UK surveillance laws (The Guardian). Read RightsInfo’s explainer on mass surveillance

The US released a report on the state of global human rights, and it’s not good (LA Times) (Daily Mail)

Whistleblowers fear prosecution under new European Trade Secrets law (BBC News)

What are the consequences for human rights if we change our relationship with the EU? (

Why we should be worried about the Policing and Crime Bill (Liberty)

Senior Conservative politician claims gay conversion therapies are a form of torture (Pink News)

On Twitter…

Good News…

Man sells bakery to homeless man for 80p (MSN)

For day-dreaming (Metro)

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Salacious Headlines, Audacious Surveillance – In The News
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