Shop for Good! Help RightsInfo in a Couple of Clicks - RightsInfo

Shop for Good! Help RightsInfo in a Couple of Clicks

It’s that wonderful time of year, and as many of you are likely to be doing some online shopping, we thought we’d introduce you to an exciting way you can raise money to help RightsInfo – without costing you any extra pennies!

Would you register on EasyFundraising and pick us as your charity? It works like a normal cashback site, but the money paid back goes to a charity of your choice… we would be so grateful if that was us – we’ve set up a profile right here and if you register on this link here we get an extra £2 when you first make a purchase through it (via the website, using the desktop browser extension or via the app!).

It works by the retailer giving us a little slice of how much you spend – so just by registering, that nice new scarf from M&S (or John Lewis, or Debenhams, or GAP – wherever it is you stock up on scarves) will help us keep people informed about their rights

We have a very small team of staff, and rely on a large number of volunteers to help us produce our articles, infographics, videos, quizzes – all the lovely things that help us get hundreds of thousands of people excited about their rights every month.

Not an online shopper? If you’d still like to help us out, you can find our normal donation page right here.

Help us increase understanding and support for human rights in the UK.

About the Author

Natalia Rymaszewska

Interim Chief Executive
Natalia has worked in the charity sector for more than a decade, most recently serving as the Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Executive of the London Legal Support Trust for five years. She also serves as a director of LegalVoice, an online magazine about access to justice aimed to support the not-for-profit legal sector. With a background of collaborative development, she has worked with a number of front line organisations, alongside colleagues at the National Pro Bono Centre including the Access to Justice Foundation, and previously worked at the Bar Pro Bono Unit View all posts by Natalia Rymaszewska.
Shop for Good! Help RightsInfo in a Couple of Clicks
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