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Soldiers, Suspects, Simplicity: The Week In Human Rights

Soldiers and the war on terror have been in the news again this week.  The European Court of Human Rights and the UK’s Court of Appeal delivered two important judgments you can catch again below.  We also saw a very popular judgment given by a family law judge – using emojis!

In the news

  • Refugees welcome in UK, say demonstrators on London march [BBC]
  • The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights is launching an inquiry into the human rights implications of Brexit. Three issues are of particular interest to the Committee: privacy and family life, international trade and other human rights protected by EU law [Family Law Week]
  • Into the unknown: Government surveillance after Brexit [Open Democracy]
  • Failed London bombers’ accomplice awarded €16,000 in legal costs [Guardian, RightsInfo]
  • The Guardian view on Iraqi civilian deaths: a belated apology is not enough [Guardian 

The week on RightsInfo

  • Judge Condemns British Troops Over Iraq Boy Death In Investigation Prompted By Human Rights Laws [RightsInfo]
  • Supreme Court President Says Human Rights Strengthen Our Common Law [RightsInfo]
  • UK Breached Fair Trial Rights Of Failed London Bombing Accomplice [RightsInfo]
  • On International Democracy Day, How Lucky We Are To Have A Democracy In The UK [RightsInfo]
  • The United Kingdom Has A New Judge At The European Court Of Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • Family Law Judgment Written In Plain English So Children Could Understand [RightsInfo]
  • Key Things You Need To Know About The Important New Iraq War Test Case [RightsInfo]
  • Education Law Changes And How Human Rights Can Keep The Government In Check [RightsInfo]

Tweets of the week

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Soldiers, Suspects, Simplicity: The Week In Human Rights
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