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  • Prove It

    This is a case from 2011. H was found guilty of manslaughter and ordered to be detained in a hospital. H’s treatment in hospital with anti-psychotic medication for his schizophrenia … Continued

  • Mental Health Prejudice Has No Place In The Justice System

    A case from 2009. “FB” had a history of mental illness, which included psychotic symptoms. He told the police that “HR” had bitten off part of his ear, and had … Continued

  • They Shouldn’t Have Taken Away His Mental Health Care

    This week we are looking at how human rights helps people with mental health issues. This is a very recent case that highlights the importance of Article 8, the right … Continued

  • Horrific Child Abuse Must Be Properly Investigated

    It was described as ‘a horrific catalogue of protracted and highly organised sexual abuse’.  Between 1997 and 2013, over 1,400 children in Rotherham were regularly sexually exploited, raped and trafficked … Continued

  • He Was Persecuted For His Political Beliefs, Human Rights Protected Him

    In the last British General Election thousands of people were active in supporting their political party; donating money, delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. There was no violence and no … Continued

  • How Inhuman Does Inhuman Treatment Have To Be?

    A case from 2009. The European Convention on Human Rights does not usually protect asylum seekers in poor physical or mental health, even where they are likely to suffer or … Continued

  • This Is What A Failed State Looks Like

    A case from 2011. Two men anxiously awaited their fate. Would they be able to live in safety, or be forced to return to violence?

  • It’s Not Okay To Make Asylum Seekers Homeless

    This is a landmark ruling from 2012. The claim was brought by two men, neither of whom had children in the UK.  Their first claim for asylum failed.  They then submitted … Continued

  • The Soldiers Did Their Duty, They Were Entitled To Proper Equipment

    Many young men and women willingly go to dangerous places to do their duty for their country. Many are tragically killed or seriously injured trying to do so. This may … Continued

  • He Was Too Violent And Unstable To Share A Cell

    This is a case from 2002. Chris and Richard were put in a cell together. Richard was known to be violent and unstable. In a moment of lost control, Richard … Continued

  • You Have To Tell Someone Why They’ve Been Locked Up

    This is a case from 2008. It’s about the rights people have to be told why they are being detained. In December 2000 Doctor Saadi fled Iraq because he had … Continued

  • Yes, Female Genital Mutilation Victims Need Protection

    This is a case from 2006 about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), an abhorrent human rights abuse. It is often crudely performed, is sometimes fatal and leaves serious mental and physical scars, with … Continued

  • What It Means To Treat Asylum Seekers With Humanity

    You probably know about  the migrant crisis facing Europe as we see the largest movement of people since World War 2. However heated the debate over migration, human rights and refugee … Continued

  • The Whole System Favoured Men And That Wasn’t Right

    This is a case from 1999 which reached the UK’s highest court, then called the House of Lords. Two married Pakistani women were forced to leave their homes by their … Continued

  • Hey, Why No Wives?

    This case dates back to 1985, before the Human Rights Act 1998 was in force in the UK.  Mrs Abdulaziz, Mrs Cabales and Mrs Balkandali believed they were being denied … Continued

  • Over Half Of The Children Had Mental Deficiencies… Or Did They?

    Not all discrimination breaches human rights. For example, a school might discriminate between students of different abilities or because of particular needs…