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This Is What We’re Reading At RightsInfo

Welcome to our new weekly feature

Just a sample of some of the interesting human rights news and views out there on the interwebs.

What we’ve mostly been reading this week

US legalizes gay marriage  (UK Human Rights Blog)

Are UK children losing their human rights? (Guardian)

Would-be plane bomber tries (& fails) to use human rights to overturn his conviction (Oxford Times)

Gay couple in fight for equal pension rights (BBC News)

Publication of child rioters photo didn’t interfere with private life (Head of Legal)

Brilliant cartoons spell out what is meant by sexual consent (Metro)

Tweets of the week

And just for fun…

Mark Zuckerberg talks Facebook, telepathy and virtual reality (Guardian)

Lego is awesome (and environmentally conscious) (Huffington Post)

Inventor of SMS dies, here are 11 of the best texts ever sent (Metro)


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Charlotte was a Senior Creative Manager at Universal Music for five years before studying for an LLM in Human Rights. She has worked with organisations campaigning on a range of issues including women's rights and indefinite detention. View all posts by Charlotte Thomas.
This Is What We’re Reading At RightsInfo
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