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This Week’s Human Rights News

What we’ve been reading this week…

A monumental ruling by the UK Supreme Court set aside the joint enterprise murder convictions of two men, and found that the law on joint enterprise has been wrongly interpreted for the past thirty years (The Guardian, BBC News, Daily Mail)

There was a great result for women’s rights campaigners over the ruling that the evidence requirements for victims of domestic violence in seeking legal aid were unlawful (Rights Of Women)

The privacy v security debate plays out in Apple v the FBI (NY Times). See our article here

Eight trends and eight challenges to the European Court of Human Rights (UK Human Rights Blog)

Could corporate law firms help fund legal aid? Geoffrey Bindman QC talks about Michael Gove and the legal levy proposal (Open Democracy)

Fifa reform could be human rights landmark says Harvard professor John Ruggie (The Guardian)

Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson (pictured above) to be honoured by the Human  Rights Campaign (Variety)

No deal yet as EU talks continue…(Reuters)

In Twitterland…

Good news…

The.Cutest. (Metro)

Just how much is 360 terabytes of data anyway? (Newsweek)

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This Week’s Human Rights News
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