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Turkey, Spying and Sports Direct: Catch Up On Your Human Rights News And Quotes

Turkey has suspended the European Convention on Human Rights. The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union has said the UK’s surveillance law breaches human rights. And the UK published a parliamentary report which was highly critical of sports-goods retailer Sports Direct, citing appalling working conditions, serious breaches of health and safety laws and failure to pay the national minimum wage.

Human rights in the news

  • Turkey suspends the European Convention on Human Rights [RightsInfo] [Independent]
  • Advocate General of the European Court of Justice says that UK Government surveillance law breaches people’s fundamental rights [Liberty summary] [Full judgment]
  • The UK Human Rights Blog considers how human rights will fare under new Prime Minister, Theresa May [UK Human Rights Blog]
  • It has been suggested that any policy to remove EU nationals from the UK will breach their human rights [The Courier]
  • The UK Equality Watchdog claims that disabled people are being treated as second class citizens [Independent]
  • Lawyers Against the Repeal of the Human Rights Act launched their working group [Facebook]

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Article 10 of the International Covenant

Lilian Hellman

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Turkey, Spying and Sports Direct: Catch Up On Your Human Rights News And Quotes
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