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Terrorism, Trafficking and Taylor Swift: Top Human Rights News This Week

From big business like BHS to counter-extremism in the UK, human rights are increasingly at the forefront of public debate. The headlines this week highlight the importance of striking the right balance to protect human rights.

Human rights in the news this week

  • Supreme Court says Scottish ‘Named Persons’ scheme could breach privacy and family life [BBC] [RightsInfo]
  • John Catt, a 91-year-old war veteran, has won the right to have his case heard in the European Court of Human Rights: he has been in a six-year legal battle to challenge police surveillance of his activities at peace protests [Guardian]
  • The Government’s planned law for countering extremism and terrorism has been branded confusing in a report by a cross-party group of MPs and members of the House of Lords [Guardian]
  • Same-sex marriage is set to become legal in the Isle of Man [Guardian]
  • A group of Scottish independence campaigners have lost their legal fight against eviction from their camp outside the Scottish Parliament [BBC]

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Terrorism, Trafficking and Taylor Swift: Top Human Rights News This Week
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