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The Week in Human Rights

This week included International Women’s Day which prompted global activity and there was other human rights news at home.

Human rights in the news

  • This Muslim Human Rights Activist Says He Couldn’t Travel To The UK Because Of Visa Issues [BuzzFeedNews]
  • UN human rights chief attacks Europe’s ‘chilling indifference’ to refugees as 2017 sees record deaths [Independent]
  • Do prisoners deserve human rights? [Times]
  • Eurocrats attack Britain’s bid to root out terrorists because it ‘jeopardizes’ efforts to integrate Muslims [DailyMail]

The week at RightsInfo

  • Stripping Terror Suspect of UK Citizenship was Lawful, Says European Court of Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • How Do Human Rights Continue To Promote Gender Equality Today? [RightsInfo]
  • UK Citizens Should Have EU Rights post-Brexit, says Chief EU Negotiator [RightsInfo]
  • What is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women? [RightsInfo]
  • ‘A Flagrant Violation of Women’s Human Rights’: Thousands of Irish Women March to Decriminlise Abortion [RightsInfo]
  • Gender Equality At Work: 10 Reasons To #BeBoldForChange [RightsInfo]
  • Women’s Rights are Human Rights: Everything You Need to Read from International Women’s Day [RightsInfo]
  • Child Locked in Solitary Confinement for 23 Hours a Day Prompts Judicial Review [RightsInfo]
  • High Court says Taxi Driver Language Tests are not Discriminatory [RightsInfo]

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The Week in Human Rights
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