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The Week In Human Rights Headlines

The news this week included a new ‘right to die’ legal case.  It will be the first legal challenge to the law on assisted suicide (which makes it a criminal offence to assist another person to commit suicide) since Parliament rejected proposals to make assisted dying legal in 2015.

Brexit continues to dominate the headlines, and Theresa May is apparently intending to withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights.  World events such as these and others have prompted discussion in the press about the nature and necessity of human rights protection.

The week in headlines

  • ‘I fear being entombed in my body’ suicide legal challenge [BBC]
  • Human rights need to be defended now more than ever [HeraldScotland]
  • Human rights are under threat – just when we need them most [Guardian]
  • Human rights in a state of perpetual emergency [openDemocracy]
  • Teenager denied bail despite judge conceding his human rights have been contravened [Guardian]

The week at RightsInfo

  • It Turns Out The Force Is Not With The Jedi Religion [RightsInfo]

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The Week In Human Rights Headlines
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