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This Week’s News: New Prime Minister, New Cabinet, Malala Day And More!

This week’s news has been dominated by the appointment of Theresa May as the UK’s new Prime Minister and the appointment of her new Cabinet.  

We have been busy examining what both these things might mean for human rights in the UK. And there was more, including a celebration of Malala Day, the NHS and the first anniversary of a landmark case on whether there is a right to die…

Human Rights in the news this week

  • Another Grayling reform bites the dust: during his time as Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling restricted the availability of legal aid with a test that related to a person’s place of residence.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the restrictive test is against the law [UK Human Rights Blog]
  • Amnesty UK and Reprieve are among several charities calling for new Prime Minister Theresa May to commit to a fresh start on issues like UK complicity in torture and the European Convention on Human Rights [Independent]
  • Court closures threaten human rights says the Welsh Government’s senior legal advisor, Mick Antoniw [BBC]
  • The Guardian names the repeatedly delayed Bill of Rights proposals and the UK’s relationship with the European Court of Human Rights as one of several challenges Theresa May inherits from former Prime Minister David Cameron [Guardian]
  • Rights Watch UK has warned that the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy, aimed at combating homegrown terrorism, is stifling freedom of expression within the classroom and risks being counterproductive [Guardian] [Rights Watch UK]

And this week on RightsInfo

  • Theresa May’s Eight Human Rights Highs and Lows [RightsInfo]
  • Where Theresa May’s New Cabinet Stand On Human Rights [RightsInfo]
  • Could Changing Human Rights LawS Break Up The United Kingdom? [RightsInfo]
  • UK’s Benefits Cuts And Austerity Measures Criticised by Important UN Committee [RightsInfo]
  • Happy 68th Birthday NHS! [RightsInfo]
  • Let’s Celebrate Malala Day With Nine Amazing Facts [RightsInfo]
  • One Year Since Nicklinson v UK – What Did It Mean For Assisted Dying? [RightsInfo]

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This Week’s News: New Prime Minister, New Cabinet, Malala Day And More!
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