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This Week’s Human Rights Headlines In A Nutshell

Anyone miss the no. 1 anniversary this week? Happy Human Rights Day!  

Lots of news passed by under the shadow of Gina Miller’s challenge to the Government in the Supreme Court.  Here’s what else happened during the week.

Human rights in the headlines

  • Environmental campaigners identified by local council and school as terrorist risk under Prevent programme – Home Office forced to step in [Guardian]
  • Police could help prevent 400 deaths after being released from custody [BBC]
  • Over 160 groups tell Theresa May: Don’t abandon our Human Rights Act [BIHR]
  • Human rights lawyer admits misconduct over Iraq torture claims by British troops  [International Business Times]

The week at RightsInfo

  • Happy Human Rights Day 2016 – See a short new film of important things to know about human rights in the UK [RightsInfo]
  • Plans To Scrap Human Rights Act Could be Delayed Until After Brexit [RightsInfo]
  • Mapping The Great Repeal: European Union Law And The Protection of Human Rights, including another short film with a plain English summary of what you want to know [RightsInfo]

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This Week’s Human Rights Headlines In A Nutshell
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