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This Week’s Human Rights News…..

As the world adjusts to the new US President Elect, at RightsInfo we have been busy launching new plain English video explainers – one on freedom of speech and one on the Home Office failure to protect asylum seekers from torture.  

If you missed them first time around, catch them here, along with other human rights headlines from this week, including the government’s climb down on a proposed 500% hike in immigration tribunal fees.

The week’s headlines

  • In Northern Ireland, a transgender man won his claim that his human right to a private life had been breached, because his gender at birth was made public in his civil partnership certificate [BBC]
  • UK Parliament approves unprecedented new hacking and surveillance powers [The Intercept]
  • Lidl first supermarket to pay Living Wage at Living Wage Foundation Rate from March 2017 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]
  • Scotland’s offer to give abortions to Northern Irish women shames Storming [The Guardian]
  • Government U-turns on 500% increase of immigration tribunal fees [The Independent]

….and let’s not forget

The week on RightsInfo

  • New Video: Home Office Criticised Over Torture Victims [RightsInfo]
  • Report: Home Office Mistreating Evidence Of Torture [RightsInfo]
  • Human Rights And The Elimination Of Violence Against Women [RightsInfo]
  • What does ‘Justice For All’ Actually Mean? [RightsInfo]
  • Why Democracy Need Free Speech and Peaceful Protests [RightsInfo]

Highlights from Twitter this week

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This Week’s Human Rights News…..
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