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Human rights in the news

This week’s human rights news

Four Syrian refugees living in the Calais ‘jungle’ are to be reunited with their families (The Guardian) and (The Telegraph).

Journalist David Miranda’s case was a victory for free press (Huffington Post). Here’s our report too.

“Can we just refuse to open the door?” The Daily Mail answer to the refugee crisis.

Mass surveillance and ‘bulk collection’: what’s the difference? (Techdirt).

71% of men believe gender equality is better for the economy, and other interesting stats, in a new report from the Fawcett Society. 

Will the Bill of Rights consultation period overlap with  the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament and pre-election purdah period? The Joint Commitee on Human Rights asks Michael Gove (JCHR)

In Twitterland…

Good news

Syrian refugees experience tobogganing for the very first time and it’ll make your day (Buzzfeed)

Now, THIS is worth getting up early for (BBC)


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Human rights in the news
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