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Which Human Right Would You Give Away?

“Which of these rights, I ask, would we wish to discard? Are any of them trivial, superfluous, unnecessary? Are any them un-British?”

That was Lord Bingham, the late former chief of the Law Lords (so the highest judge in the land) in a speech he gave in 2009. It’s an important question. So we made it easy for you to answer it, by translating the main European Convention Rights into plain English in a new page.

So go on, you can find it here. Oh, and because it’s RightsInfo, you get some lovely illustrations too.

We’re into plain-English on RightsInfo, so after the text of the articles of the Convention, each of which protects a basic human right, you will see a simple explanation of what the right means.

So go there now. Find out what human rights you have. Click here. Or here, or here, or here. It’s all the same link.

Oh, and if you want to find out how this stuff works in practice, check this out. It’s pretty whizzy.

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Which Human Right Would You Give Away?
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