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Russia v Saudi Arabia

Eygpt v Uruguay

Morroco v Iran

Serbia v Costa Rica

Germany v Mexico

Brazil v Switzerland

Sweden v South Korea

Belgium v Panama

England v Tunisia

Saudi Arabia v Uruguay

Brazil v Costa Rica

Argentina v Croatia

France v Peru

Denmark v Australia

Spain v Iran

Portugal v Morroco

Russia v Egypt

Senegal v Poland

Columbia v Japan

Serbia v Switzerland

Belgium v Tunisia

South Korea v Mexico

Germany v Sweden

Colombia v Poland

Japan v Senegal

England v Panama

Portugal v Iran

Uruguay v Russia

Saudi Arabia v Egypt

Iceland v Croatia

France v Argentina

Brazil v Mexico

Japan v Belgium

Switzerland v Sweden

England v Colombia

Uruguay v France

Brazil v Belgium

England v Sweden

France v Belgium

England v Croatia

France v Croatia

General Indexes:

Quality of Life Index (Ranking used) (Numbeo)

Quality of Life Index (The Economist)

Quality of Death Index (The Economist)

Modern slavery figures (Global Slavery Index)

Literacy figures (World Bank)

Democracy Index (Scale: 1-10) (The Economist)

Jailed Journalist figures (NY Times / Committee To Protect Journalists)

Prison Population Rate (per 100,000 people) (World Prison Brief)

Military Spend (% of GDP) (World Data Bank)

Hospital Beds (per 10,000) (World Health Organisation)

Marriage Ages (GirlsNotBrides)

Global Gender Gap Index (World Economic Foundation)

Life Expectancy from Birth (World Data Bank)

Country Specific Stats:

In February, a law was enacted decriminalizing domestic violence committed by “close relatives” that caused pain but no injury or loss of ability to work. (Amnesty)

Saudi issues first driving licenses (BBC)

100 men believed to be gay abducted and tortured in Chechnya. (Amnesty)

Denmark legalises same-sex marriage (BBC)

Australia legalises same-sex marriage (BBC)

People Recognised as Refugees in 2015 (Refugee Council of Austrailia)

Number of illegal abortions in Poland (Guardian)

Number of illegal abortions in Columbia (Reuters)

Columbia and Women’s Right to Vote (Oxford Human Rights Hub)

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