"Wow... just wow", People Really Like RightsInfo And That Makes Us Very Happy - RightsInfo

“Wow… just wow”, People Really Like RightsInfo And That Makes Us Very Happy

It has been a whirlwind week. It is time to take stock and see what people have been saying about RightsInfo.

After a never less than exhilarating countdown, which nobody found tiresome

And everyone enjoyed

Luckily Adam’s head did not explode. But the human rights scene did.


It was generally agreed by everyone that it’s pretty much the best website ever

The legal twitterati were out in force – thanks everyone!

We really like this one

Ooh yeah

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 22.42.28


The myth-busting section was particularly popular, probably because it features fried chicken and porn

Yes that WAS Joshua Rozenberg tweeting us. No Big Deal. Oh, and here’s the Shadow Justice Secretary and a Harvard professor.

Double NBD.

We even got a great write up in leading design magazine Creative Review

“… provides a much more engaging and shareable alternative to existing official resources”

Oh, and The Times.

Haters gonna hate…

…but it’s cool because if founder and director Adam ever gets bored of human rights he has a fall-back position


You probably need a picture to get it


But seriously, our launch was AMAZING and THANK YOU to everyone who came and is sharing and engaging with us on Twitter, it has made us very happy

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“Wow… just wow”, People Really Like RightsInfo And That Makes Us Very Happy
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