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Article 50 Triggered – The Week In Human Rights News

This week’s news has been dominated by Brexit coverage – but sometime’s it can all be a bit too much to take in. Catch up on everything in Brexit and human rights news in this week’s roundup.

Human rights in the headlines

  • Great Repeal Bill will create sweeping powers to replace EU laws after Brexit [The Telegraph]
  • EU approach to Brexit talks revealed by European Council president [Daily Mail]
  • Right-to-die case: Shrewsbury’s Noel Conway loses court bid [BBC]

The week at RightsInfo

  • The Road to Brexit: Reactions to the Great Repeal Bill Draft [RightsInfo]
  • RightsInfo Shortlisted for World Leading Animation Award [RightsInfo]
  • Theresa May Triggers Article 50 – What’s Next For Our Human Rights? [RightsInfo]
  • The Elephant in the Room: The Brexit Bill and the UK Constitution [RightsInfo]
  • Detaining People to Help Them: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Explained in Plain English [RightsInfo]
  • Non-Terminal Patient Fights for the Right to Die [RightsInfo]
  • Protecting Journalists’ Sources is Vital for Press Freedom: Goodwin v UK [RightsInfo]

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Article 50 Triggered – The Week In Human Rights News
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